Big Dog Bison Jerky Strips (2) 10"-13" Strips

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Our natural Bison chews are made and sourced in the USA with a chemical-free cooking process that sets it apart from any other natural animal chews in the industry. Other companies use harsh chemical washes that can cause shrinkage and kills the most nutritious aspects of bones, tendons, and organs. 

To start the process, our natural animal chews are marinated in raw, organic apple cider vinegar. This tenderizes the product for easier digestion and prevents the "stinky" odor that is often associated with animal chews. Then, we dehydrate our chews at low temperatures to maintain as many macronutrients as possible.


The Benefits

These natural animals chew products have been shown to:

  • Naturally, provide nutrients including protein, amino acids, minerals and vitamins to dogs
  • Stimulate jaw muscles to promote blood flow to the brain and create a calming effect
  • Keep dogs engaged through different textures and shapes 
  • Supplement dogs' regular diets
  • Increase glucosamine & hyaluronic acid intake to promote healthy hips & joints 


Feeding Guidelines & Storage

If your dog is a gulper or swallower, give them an oversized chew, nothing smaller than what they can fit in their mouth. If your dog is unfamiliar with the product, always watch them initially and supervise their chewing. 

The best storage solution for these chews is to be stored in a bag in the freezer (extends shelf life 2 years). The second best is to be bagged in the refrigerator (extends shelf life 1 year). Third is in a non-humid area away from sunlight. Keeping these chews bagged will help prevent oxidation. This is a food product. If it is treated like food, it can last a long time. These are safe to store in the cupboard or pantry but should be fed within 4 months of purchase.