What is NANO?

Nanotechnology has been around for decades, but the applications of this science have only recently developed in applications seen in today’s science, engineering, technical, and medical fields. Many people were introduced to nanotechnology through the iPod. But what is nanotechnology, how has it grown over the years, and what promises does it have for the future in supplements like CBD?

The reason why nano sizing CBD particles is so essential is that CBD particles are very difficult to absorb by the body. Some studies suggest that only 18% of cannabidiol can be absorbed per dose. With nano sizing your CBD, many studies are showing up to or around 90% absorption. When it comes to CBD, bioavailability is everything.

Nano - (symbol n) short for “nanometer” is a unit prefix meaning "one billionth". Used primarily with the metric system, this prefix denotes a factor of 10−9 or 0.000000001. It is frequently encountered in science and electronics for prefixing units of time and length.

 Nanotechnology creates particles that are so small, millions of them could fit on the head of a pin. These tiny particles go right into your bloodstream to be delivered to every cell. This means that when your pet consumes a nano created product, they don't have to wait for their body to digest anything and wait for it to be absorbed into the small intestines. The nutrition goes right where it's needed most. Giving power, endurance and recovery, faster and more effectively than any other supplement in the world.

When talking absorption rate . . . smaller is better.


  Conventional Particles      vs.     Nano Particles


Nano technology has the potential to dramatically improve the ability for pets (and people) to have a much better success rate for solubility, stability, bioavailability, and efficacy.